How do I track a Harvest?

The Harvest activity will help you track what you've harvested.

Here are the steps to record a Harvest in Oyster Tracker:

  1. Tap on a container or a group of containers (check out how to select multiple containers)
  2. Fill in information about your harvest, like date, time, and where/who it's going to - you can even attach a picture
  3. Tap "Fill Harvest Bags"

  4. Then specify how many containers you're filling up
  5. Wrapping up:
    1. If you're not putting any of the inventory you selected back, tap "Harvest"
    2. If you are not harvesting everything you selected (e.g. you harvested partial bags), then tap "Fill Putbacks" 
    3. Fill in your "Fill Profile" to specify what you're putting back out onto the growing area, then tap "place putbacks" and drag it out onto the growing area to record it. 
  6. If you need to download information about your harvests, head over to Reports, tap the Harvest link on the left side, then view the table (upper right where it says Table/Chart), and you can see the "Export" button - tap that to export the data. 
    Image from iOS (37)