Setting up GrowingAreas

How do I set up the areas of my farm in Oyster Tracker?

What does a "Growing Area" mean?

Oyster Tracker is organized to mirror areas of your farm. These virtual areas are populated with your animals so you can find them and record the last time you managed each container (bag, cage, basket, etc.).

How do I add a Growing Area?

When you work with us, we'll help you get your first growing area setup. But adding more growing areas is easy. Just go to Settings, tap "Add growing areas," then fill in information about your growing area: 

Note: Groupings refers to bags/containers that are put into a larger container.  For example: you might have floating cages that hold 6 bags. 

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 ...finally, specify which activities you perform in this area of your farm and then save your growing area.

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Example growing areas

Here's a fictional farm with 4 growing areas setup. One area, "Nursery" is for growing seed-sized animals. Then there are other areas for more mature animals, and one "processing area" for day to day work and harvest preparation. 

You can setup these growing areas to reflect however your farm is organized.

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How do I view my growing areas?

Tap on the "growing area" icon in the black tab bar at bottom of the screen to go to the growing area are of Oyster Tracker - this is where all the action happens.

If you tap the growing area name at the top, you can see all your growing areas and navigate between them with ease as you record your inventory in Oyster Tracker: (1)