Can I quickly see something is overdue?

Get reminded to do a task out on your growing area by seeing the line/gear change colors.

Overdue reminders

If you regularly perform activities, the app can remind you if they are overdue.

We'll show a yellow flag when containers are almost due for an activity and a red flag when containers are overdue for an activity (or if you've set a flag when you performed an activity).


Setting up overdue reminders

Pro tip: try starting with whatever your most frequent activity is and then extend it to other activities. For many famers, this is the "check" activity.

Here's how you set up reminders:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on Growing Areas
  3. Tap a Growing Area
  4. Scroll down to "Growing Area activities"
  5. For activities that are enabled, tap on "Optional: Set frequency in days"
  6. Input how often you perform this activity (measured in days) for this Growing Area
  7. Tap "Update Growing Area"

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