Setting up the Size/Type of Animals on your Farm

Set up fill profiles to record what's out on your growing areas.

What is a "fill profile" you ask? Think of it as a short cut to describe your animals and the gear that contains them. 

Create fill profiles

  • Head over to settings, then tap "Fill profiles"
  • Tap "Add Fill Profile" in the upper right

Let's say that you buy seed from different hatcheries, you have seed from a few growing seasons, and you switch out gear/containers based on what's available. You can create fill profiles that track stages during grow out and fill in fields that change as you "fill" animals.

Follow these steps:

  • Set a name
  • Set a color
  • Set a size
  • Set a default stocking density
  • Turn off any fields you don't care about tracking
  • Leave all other fields enabled, but don't set a value now - you can set those fields when you fill

Here's what that looks like in settings:



As you fill up your virtual growing area with your animals, set the data that varies as you go. Like different seed information or gear information. 
  • Navigate to your Growing Area - let's say you're getting some seed going into the Flupsy
  • Tap an empty spot to show all the fill profiles available on this growing area.
  • Tap the arrow to expose all the fields for your "Seed" fill profile
  • Fill in the data that's specific to this batch of seed, like:
    • Year class,
    • Equipment
    • Seed Source
  • The rest of the data is already pre-populated for you, but you can change it (like animal size, stocking density, or animal type).
  • Then set the number of containers, and place them out on your nursery.

Check out this example:


  • After you fill, the data sticks with the animals as they grow. 
  • And if you made a mistake, we now provide a way to edit data. 


Fill Profiles can be Specific to Each Growing Area

You can set up your fill profiles to only appear when you're viewing specific Growing Area in Oyster Tracker. For example, if I grow my seed in the Nursery until it's 1/2" or larger, then all of my "seed" fill profiles can only be displayed on my Nursery and anything larger can be shown in my grow out or processing areas. 

For more information about how to setup fill profiles, checkout this article.