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How do I set up the Tagging App?

Once your settings are in order, tag printing will be a breeze!

Start by downloading the Oyster Tracker app from the App Store and sign in.  

1. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen to view all your settings. 

Tap each item to go into that setting and enter your data.


2. Fill in your Harvester information and Dealer information. 

For most folks, the only difference might be the Harvester or Dealer certifications, but we've provided the flexibility to enter "Farm info" and "Dealer info" should you need it to be different.


3. Fill in all your shortcuts

Tap into each of the following to enter your pre-sets. You need to set these up so you can populate your tag form fields. 

  • Brands: enter any brand names you use to market your animals
  • Types: this refers to animals types, ex: Eastern Oyster or Hard Clam
  • Sizes/culls: animal size or cull - enter the ones you typically use, ex: markets, 3", etc.
  • Ship to destinations: this refers to where ever you're shipping your inventory, like a distributor, dealer, supplier, or a restaurant
  • Original shipper certs: if you're operating as a dealer, you need to print wherever the inventory came from originally on your tag. You can add in data for the harvesters you typically interact with and their cert #s.
  • Harvest locations: enter in the locations where animals you harvest or buy are typically harvested from for speedy data entry. In some states, this needs to be the specific lease or parcel number, in other states, you can be less specific. Refer to your state's shellfish regulations to be sure you're entered in the data properly.