Understanding the Growing Area View

How do I see what is happening on my farm?

The Growing Area view is the center of all the action in Oyster Tracker.

Your growing area can be configured to match your farm's layout. We call this the growing area view but a growing area in Oyster Tracker can represent any area on your farm that helps you find your equipment and animals.

Here's an example of long-line containers:



Here's an example of OysterGro containers:


Here's an example of a Nursery system:


All growing areas are arranged with lines:

"Lines" are a metaphor for areas on your farm where your equipment is holding your animals. Some farms are arranged in actual lines, others aren't. We're simply providing a visual way to keep track of your inventory.

You can give these lines "Names" with helpful information you use to find your equipment when you're out on the water. Some folks use lat/long, others use colors or colored buoys, and others use these nicknames to note what's on the line.

Enter whatever helps you get your job done: Tap the circle with the line number, Tap "Action," then tap "Rename line." 


Navigating between growing areas:

To navigate between growing areas, tap the growing area name in the upper left and then tap the one you want to view from the dropdown menu. To close the drop down menu, tap anywhere outside of the menu.


Recording what's on your growing area:

A key activity in Oyster Tracker is to "Fill" or record the gear, animals, and their location on your virtual growing area. Learn more about Filling.

Once you have filled and placed, you can view data about the gear/animals you filled or individual containers. Simply tap a dot for information about that cage/bag/tray or long-tap (hold your finger on a dot) and select the number of containers from that spot down you'd like to to see information about.


Adding and editing growing areas:

To add more growing areas or edit current growing areas, tap "Settings" in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen, then tap "Growing Areas" in the settings side panel. 

Just tap on a growing area to edit it. Or tap "Add Growing Areas" in the upper right to add more. 

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